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You have so little faith in yourself because you are unwilling to accept the fact that perfect love is in you, and so you seek without for what you cannot find within.  


with Earl Purdy


This ACIM Hardcore class/workshop is directed towards actively practicing, and actively studying ACIM students, who want to go much "deeper" in their understanding of what A Course in Miracles teaches and what it says, and to join and study with other ACIM students, who want to take advantage of my almost 40 years of studying and teaching ACIM (the last 31 years full-time).

We WILL BE USING THE ACIM BOOK (The Foundation for Inner Peace Version) It is the one that most people have, and the one that I am most familiar with. YOU MUST HAVE ACIM BOOK OR HAVE IT ON KINDLE.

And the training session is primarily for people that see ACIM as their Spiritual Path. This is NOT for beginners who have NOT studied ACIM at all, or for those who are completely unfamiliar with it. It is for students who LOVE A Course In Miracles. (I will do a Workshop for people new to ACIM & beginners in the near future ;-)

We will NOT be "analyzing" ACIM, and it will not be a personal counseling session, focusing on answering questions about "personal issues" of the participants (that is what my Clarity Sessions are for) . And it will NOT be about spending all day listening to people giving their personal opinions & interpretations of what the Course is saying. The focus will be on ACIM itself, and what IT says it means. ;-)

WE WILL BE STUDYING AND GOING MUCH DEEPER INTO THE ACTUAL STUDY OF ACIM ITSELF, , covering different topics that ACIM teaches on, including, ego,fear,love,anger, guilt, relationships,sickness,healing,sex,spiritual awakening,the Creator, and getting a better understanding and clarity about them, and how to apply ACIM in your every day life.

My Goal is to be truly helpful, and to save you time in your study of ACIM and to help you avoid as many of the "tricks" of the ego as possible in your personal study of ACIM as well. I have worked with hundreds of ACIM students.

And I would love for us to have a fun, deep, and enlightening and loving experience together!

I will be putting the entire experience in the hands of the Holy Spirit! ;-)

DATE AND TIME: SATURDAY JULY 21, 2018. 10am to 3pm MT (That's 9am-2pm PT, 11am-4pm CT, 12 NOON-5pm ET)


ONLINE: It will be done through ZOOM Video Conferencing. And you will be able to interact. (You will not be seen on video feed unless you choose to be) I will send you the link to join us online after your registration, and before workshop.

You will be able to tune in on computer (which is best) because there will be nothing you have to download or install on your computer, or you can use a smart phone, or Ipads or tablets with ZOOM app that you download from your APP store.


TO REGISTER : Use the "Donation" button on the homepage.

You can pay using all Debit or Credit Cards or your Paypal Account (if you have one). You do NOT have to be a Paypal member to use Credit or Debit Cards to pay.

Email me when you have sent Payment for workshop at to make sure that I have received it.

If you have any questions, please email or text me (the best ways to reach me) at 720-239-2189.

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I am now LIVE STREAMING my one hour COURSE IN MIRACLES class EVERY sunday!! 1pm MST NOON PST 2pm CST 3pm EST. And it is interactive!!!! SPREAD THE WORD! JOIN US IN PERSON at Unity Temple 1555 Race St. Denver, CO 80206 DROP IN OK. Teaching from the book, "A Course In Miracles"


I am now LIVE STREAMING my 90 minute WAY OF MASTERY class EVERY tuesday eve. And it is interactive! At 7pm MST 6PMPST 8pm CST 9pm EST This class is ONLY online on Facebook live. Teaching from the book, "Way of Mastery"

I am now Facebook LIVE streaming A COURSE OF LOVE class. EVERY thursday evening at 7pm-8:30pm MST. And the class is interactive! At 7pm MST 6PM PST 8pm CST 9pm EST (every thursday eve. online ONLY. Teaching from the book "A COURSE OF LOVE". REPLAYS ARE AVAILABLE immediately on my FACEBOOK page, and later within 48hrs on YouTube, in case you miss the live streaming broadcast!!

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To watch the live broadcasts, GO TO or just click on the link below: 

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Peace and hugs, Earl
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Earl Purdy teaches MIRACLES classes at Unity Temple Church
1555 Race St. Denver, Co. 80206.

Tel # 720-239-2189

"A Course in Miracles" held on Sundays at 1 p.m.

"Way of Mastery Class" held every Tue. at 7-8:30 p.m. (on going)

These are open classes and everyone is welcome.

The classes are done on a love offering basis and last approximately one hour.

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